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Selling your home with us gives you maximum exposure to the largest audience of potential buyers.

Local Market Knowledge
We know the Central Oregon Landscape
Drones. Video. 3D Showcase. HDR Photography. Unparalled Marketing Reach and Exposure.
Client Satisfaction
We provide weekly reports, feedback, and actions we've taken to get your house sold.


Staging That Sells: The 541 Home’s Makeover

True, your home is only worth how much a Buyer thinks it’s worth – but there’s a lot that can be done to influence that perception. That’s why we help our clients stage and prepare the home to optimize the use, look and feel of every room in your home, without making it feel artificial – we call it the 541 Home’s Makeover.

Included in the 541 Makeover: help preparing your home for sale, staging,  access to dozens of trusted home professionals. The best part? Our Makeover services are included in our commission.

A picture is worth a thousand words. For these reasons we provide:


Aerial Photography & Videography

We use drones to capture your property in ways that no other means of photography can. Your property will be seen from stunning heights and breathtaking visuals that will truly captivate viewers into wanting to learn more about your property. We’ll capture your homes best features from every vantage point.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then one of our cutting-edge home video tours is worth 1,000,000.


HDR Real Estate Photography


Our photographers are hand-picked because they know and love real estate. Each one has top-notch equipment, many years of experience, and a trained eye for capturing your property at its very best. This often even includes them returning to the property at twilight for a gorgeous, eye-catching front shot that will really stand out as the main photo on all search sites.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then one of our cutting-edge home video tours is worth 1,000,000.

Professional Videography


Witness how our videography can make your home stand apart from the crowd. Video tours highlight homes in ways that pictures can’t. We film the home and make it standout in a way that will make people fall in love with your property.

Welcome to the future…


3D Home Showcase

Now buyers can actually walk through a prospective home while on their computer or smartphone and get a view of it that’s “Better than being there." We are pleased to be one of Oregon & SW Washington’s few brokerages to implement this technology. This online feature provides a high-resolution, interactive view from every angle inside every room as well as the key exterior areas including the front yard, backyard, side yard and more as applicable.

Use the demo to discover how amazing this technology is!

Print Marketing. Perfected.

Beautiful Print Marketing


Welcome Packages

This beautiful all-inclusive home buying/selling organizer will be immediately shipped to anyone who inquires about your home.

Just Listed Mailer

Sent to nearby homeowners who may know of someone else looking to move into the area.

Tabletop Mini

Is it a self-standing decorative piece inside your home or is it an informative marketing piece about it? We say both, but you decide.

Four Page Flyer

We’re one of few brokerages in Oregon & SW Washington who creates a four page flyer for our listings. Your home’s own brochure will be in the flyer box that we will ensure is never empty.

Immediate & Direct Realtor Exposure


E-flyer Sent to Thousands of Area Realtors


In conjunction with your home going on the market, we will create and email out an E-flyer that advertises your home to approximately the 2000 closest Realtors. This beautiful digital marketing piece will include photos, the home’s video, a 3D showcase and description of the home. It will also be in a format that readily allows each Realtor who receives this broadcast to forward the email on to a buyer client who may be interested in it. The program we utilize also allows us to track how many of these Realtors opened and viewed the listing and we share this data with you.

Internet Marketing. We Match Your Listing With Buyers From All Over The Web.

Single Property Website


Premiere Tours are single property websites which showcase all of your listing’s marketing materials in one easy-to-navigate mobile friendly site. They have a dedicated, search-optimized landing page we create for your home that contains a unique URL. This then becomes a central hub that can broadcast every component of your home’s marketing (photos, video, 3D showcase, description with all features listed out, etc.) together in one place to every other real estate site.


The choice is yours: Our Weekly Hot Property List or Monthly Market Reports or Our Latest Blogs. No spam. No harassment. EVER.





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